Winter Snow Plowing Advisory for the Town of Lincoln

Every winter the Town of Lincoln Clerk receives many phone calls asking, “When are our roads going to be plowed?”  This advisory is an attempt to answer those plowing questions and to reduce the calls to the Town Hall.

The Town of Lincoln does not have a town crew.  We do not own road equipment such as snow plows and road graders.  The Town contracts with Ludwig’s Seasonal Service to maintain Town roads during the winter season.

The Town of Lincoln has over 120 miles (60 plus miles times two lanes) of roads to maintain and to plow all roads does take some time.  Also with the recent budget cuts and staff reductions plowing schedules may be altered somewhat to reduce or avoid overtime expense, especially on weekends.  We ask for your cooperation in helping to keep Town of Lincoln roads safe.  Most of the problems encountered during winter driving involve speeds which are too fast for prevailing road conditions.  Some days a speed of 10 mph may be too fast on a road that is posted as a 45 mph road.  Slowing down during winter helps to prevent problems.  Calls to the Town Hall will not get your road plowed any sooner.  The Town of Lincoln has a schedule and order in which it plows our roads to promote traffic flow and to prevent unnecessary expense to fuel its vehicles.  The Town Hall does welcome calls to report problems such as slippery intersections or curves.  Thank You for your Cooperation.