Forms & Permits

The following Forms and Permits are in PDF format.

Burning Permits

Obtain the annual burning permit online or by calling 1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876) to have a permit mailed or instantly emailed. Permits are also available at a local Ranger Station

On the day of the burn, check on the internet or over the phone (after 11 a.m.) for the daily fire restrictions in the county where you wish to burn:



1-888-WIS-BURN (947-2876) - (Vilas County Code= 64)



Dog Licenses:  
$10 per dog (not neutered)
$5 per dog (neutered)
A current Certificate of Rabies vaccination showing dog, date of vaccination, expiration of vaccination, manufacturer of vaccine, vaccine lot number and veterinarian must be presented to receive license.

Building, Septic and Well Permits: 
Obtained from Vilas County Zoning Department
At Vilas County Court House, Eagle River
715 479-3620

Weight Limits on Town Roads   
Our town roads are extremely susceptible to damage by heavyweight traffic as the frost comes out of the ground each year.  Therefore, Town roads are subject to a weight limit of four (4) tons as the frost comes out of the ground each spring.  The road weight limits are posted on all town roads on the day the weight limits go into effect.  The timing coincides with weight limits placed on Vilas County roads and the weight limits on all Town of Lincoln roads with the exceptions of Loon Lake Road, Bloom Road, Adams Road and Sundstein Road, are also removed at the same time that Vilas County road weight limits are removed.  The excepted roads usually retain their weight limits for two weeks or more beyond other Town of Lincoln roads.  The approximate time frame for the posting of Weight Limits on Town of Lincoln roads is mid- March through early May.  Please arrange for delivery of home heating fuels, building supplies and any other items that would cause an overweight situation before road weight limits are posted.  The Town of Lincoln does not make exceptions to the weight limits and the fines for violating weight limits are substantial.

Fines for Exceeding Posted Road Weight Limits: (State Statute)

  • $212.00 for the basic fine PLUS
  • One cent per pound if less than 2000# over weight
  • Two cents per pound if between 2001# and 3000# over weight
  • Three cents per pound if between 3001# and 4000# over weight
  • Five cents per pound if between 4001# and 5000# over weight
  • Seven cents per pound if over 5001# over weight

Town of Lincoln Fine Calculation